Commercial vs. Residential Roofing Franchise, 3 Differences to Know


Aren’t all roofs meant to provide security and safety from the outside world? So, what’s the difference between a residential and commercial roofing franchises?

At FBC Roofing, we take on projects of all shapes and sizes, commercial and residential projects. However, there are some significant discrepancies between the two, so let’s take a moment to explain what those are and how FBC Roofing will help you serve both types of clients!

Roofing Materials and Design

When comparing residential and commercial jobs, the materials used and the final design of a roof are two of the most notable differences. Residential roofs are typically steeper than commercial roofs, and the material options are not as limited. The FBC Roofing team will install whatever fits our homeowners’ budgets. 

Most of our commercial projects are for larger-scale buildings, and the design is typically flat or built on gradual slopes. A commercial roof must hold the weight of any potential snow or equipment, therefore, the materials that are used are usually metal and asphalt. When you own an FBC Roofing territory, your commercial roofing franchise team will be equipped to handle jobs of any size. 

Lifespan of the Material

Our property owners want to know that their roof is built to last and can handle wear and tear. Differences in materials can affect the expected lifespan of the roofs we install. Metal and slate panels are far more durable than what material typically makes up a residential roof, such as wood and tile shingles. Part of servicing our clients to the best of our ability is fully understanding their situation. Once we receive an inquiry, we will want to know the last time the roof has been updated and when it was installed. If a roof is older, repairs could be far more extensive due to tie-in areas of damage. Ending our job with a beautiful finished product is great to satisfy our clients today, however, a long-lasting finished roof will keep them happy tomorrow. To grant our home or business owners peace-of-mind, FBC Roofing will perform a final inspection and leave them with a Manufacturer and Workmanship Warranty. The materials our commercial and residential roofing franchise team installs are always high quality, so our clients know that they are always getting the best for their dollar.

Cost of the Project

Since our commercial projects are often at large facilities, the cost of manpower and materials is more substantial. The equipment used to install this material also could affect the price, which is something we are transparent with our customers about throughout the process.  We want to bring our clients the roof of their dreams, that also fits their budget. Before our first day of work, our clients are given time to understand the scope of work and what it will cost to see the project through. When you invest in our residential roofing franchise, we walk you through all of our best customer service practices that have helped strengthen our industry reputation.

Would you like to learn about the steps you need to take to own a commercial roofing franchise? Feel free to contact us today!

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