3 Traits of the Ideal Roofing Business Franchise Candidate

Why do you think you’re fit to run a franchise? What core values do you possess that would translate smoothly to roofing business ownership? Answering those questions is important, as is finding the perfect fit with a franchisor who shares those same values. At FBC Roofing, we are very transparent about what matters to us and how we expect our owners to represent our brand. Read on to learn about the top three traits that identify the best roofing business candidates. 

1. You’re Diligent

Having the drive to see things through is important in any of line of business. Franchising can be an easier way to start a business than starting yourself from the ground up, but FBC Roofing owners still recognize they have a responsibility to their team, their clients, and themselves. FBC Roofing franchise owners who follow our time-tested system put themselves in a better position for long term stability and growth. While we can personalize certain aspects of your FBC Roofing business to your unique circumstances, we do give all franchise owners a clear road map to follow. Our team provides expert advice, comprehensive training, and long term support, but you carry those benefits over to your roofing business is up to you. 

2. You’re Approachable 

The trusting relationship we build with our clients is an important part of the appeal of hiring FBC Roofing to complete a roofing project. In the past, we noticed that the home improvement industry lacked transparency — which is why we prioritize approachability every step of the way. FBC Roofing owners are easy to talk with, caring, and understanding. Our teams handle every project like it’s their own home or business, because when a damaged roof leaves a property exposed, it’s at its most vulnerable. FBC Roofing takes the time to understand the situation first and goes to work immediately to find professional solutions. An FBC territory owner is responsible for bringing on a team that believes in these same values in order to uphold our gold standard of service on each and every job. 

3. You’re Communicative 

Whether you are new to this industry or you have years of home improvement experience under your belt, maintaining communication with your franchisor is vital. We want to know what areas of your business are giving you pause, and we want to hear your success stories.  Your feedback and honesty help us improve our strategies and process in order to be better prepared for franchise owners to come. We already bring cutting-edge marketing tactics, in-depth research and development, customer service techniques, proven sales tactics, and more, to your new business to enhance the quality of your service and overall roofing business. When you share your successes and challenges with us, our team can offer even more support for homeowners FBC Roofing franchise owners alike.

Do you want to learn about the ideal traits of a roofing business owner? Let’s talk! Contact a member of our team today and so we can start the conversation. 

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