Breaking Down the Investment

Before committing to a franchise investment, it’s important to make sure that the price is right. We are always transparent with the structure of our investment — so we want to take you through some of the questions franchisees may have regarding the cost to open a roofing franchise in Hawaii. Let’s take a look at what franchisees can expect when it comes to our total franchise investment. 

What do I get in exchange for the franchise fee?

The franchise fee is an initial payment that is standard for most franchising models and vital for your process of learning how to start a roofing business in Hawaii. This part of the investment covers some of the expenses associated with your onboarding, which includes all of the franchisor training and support you receive from our construction experts. We want to outfit you with that surplus of information and expertise that we have compiled from our experience in the industry, so you are ready to hit the ground running.

We have built a valued reputation not just in Hawaii but in the industry as well, so your franchise fee will also pay for your ability to operate under our established brand name. This part of the investment comes out to $30,000 and is paid directly to us — if you have questions about the specifics of the franchise fee, we are available to answer any additional inquiries you might have. 

Are my equipment and inventory included in the total cost?

When you start up your location, we want to ensure you don’t just have the information that you’ll need, but that you also have the tools and inventory to facilitate a faster return on investment as well. We know what it takes to help you tackle your projects and get the job done right. An investment in the right equipment in the early stages of your business will certainly pay off down the road. Identifying the specific types of tools for your future projects is important as well — we will give you guidance to best equip your team to provide top-tier service for your customers every time. 

Where else can I learn about this investment?

Of course, there is plenty more to learn about the investment before you apply to open an FBC Roofing franchise. We want you to provide as much information possible about why our costs are best suited to help you learn how to start a roofing business in Hawaii. That is why, during the pre-sale stages of your investment, we provide all franchisees with a copy of the FBC Roofing Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD). The FDD is filled with incredible insight into the costs to open a roofing franchise in Hawaii. You’re entitled to all of this information, which is why we provide this legal document to all of our franchisees in the pre-sale stages of their investment. 

Would you like to learn even more about the cost to open a roofing franchise in Hawaii and what our team will do to make this process both simple and informative? Feel free to reach out to us and learn more about the total investment!

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