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Part of what makes FBC Roofing Franchise a realistic business ownership opportunity is the in-depth franchise training and support we have put in place over the years. While our investors are expanding our brand to exciting new territories, they may also be taking an important next step in their careers. Therefore, putting them in the best position to succeed is paramount for us. Read on to discover why, and how, we support their personal growth through excellent franchise training and support service.

Why Training and Support is Vital

Business ownership in any capacity can bring on myriad emotions, and more importantly, responsibilities. Handling all the aspects of a new business on your own can be difficult and managing workflow while setting future goals can be challenging without the proper training or support. That’s a major distinction between being an independent owner and what you’ll experience as an FBC roofing franchise who completes our in-depth franchise training and support programs.

Hundreds of small businesses have failed due to a lack of infrastructure and corporate oversight, but those situations could be avoided with the right guidance. FBC Roofing franchise owners can find greater balance and allocate their time properly between planning and operations when they apply lessons based on our deep industry experience. Our training and support programs, grounded in the wealth of knowledge we have accumulated over years of franchising, are designed to not just get our franchisees out of the gate, but to keep them moving steadily forward.

What Can Trainees Expect?

Since our franchise owners come from a variety of backgrounds, we don’t expect them all to come into the industry with roofing-specific experience. That’s why we have put together a solid training program to answer just about any question you can think of about the FBC franchise opportunity.

Our training takes place at our headquarters in Oahu, Hawaii over a two-week period. Here, we guide new owners through the basics of running a roofing franchise and share in-depth information about our mission, brand, and the industry itself. Other topics include aspects of our business model such as administration, sales, and marketing. Our franchise owners absorb a wealth of knowledge about how to run their business in just two weeks, instead of spending months or even years trying to figure it out on their own. Bringing franchisees to our location streamlines the learning process but it doesn’t stop there – we’ll continue to provide education and information to support sustainable growth for as long as they need us. 

Support When Training is Over 

Getting franchisees ready to launch their roofing franchise is job one, but we realize that expecting them to just absorb this information and go out to grow their new business single-handedly is unrealistic. To keep our owners on track, our team provides continuous support for some of the most important aspects of their business including marketing and operations. For instance, to target people who are most likely to become your best customers, we have developed exciting marketing materials to educate potential buyers about their roofing options. Branded mailers, pay-per-click and organic search marketing campaigns, and local networking strategies, are proven to get results. Together, we’ll use the latest digital marketing techniques to grow your business’ digital reputation and ensure your FBC franchise location appears on relevant Google searches. That leaves you time to focus on providing your customers with the best roofing services around.

Want to know more? We’re here to help! Get in touch with us if you would like more information on starting an FBC Roofing franchise

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