How to Open a Roofing Business with No Previous Experience


Spring is here, the sun is peeking out, which means more and more people are looking to make improvements to their property for the upcoming summer months. Now is a great time to get involved in the home improvement industry, and we want to help you to learn how to open a roofing business. If you’re interested in owning a home improvement business, let’s take a quick look at why you should consider investing in an FBC Roofing franchise. 

Franchising or Startup

The two most common ways to jump start your career in business ownership include starting a company from scratch or taking advantage of a franchise opportunity. There are some clear differences between the two, the chief being that a start-up is an independent venture. Unless you have experience in your industry, you’ll be far less prepared for the road ahead than FBC franchisees. While it may feel liberating to own your own brand name, startup brands struggle with stability. According to studies done on small business trends, 50% of businesses only make it through their fifth-year of operation. Major reasons for business closure are a lack of infrastructure and not sufficiently planning ahead.

On the other hand, a franchise business brings a far more collaborative approach to the ownership experience. You’ll spend far less time wondering what to do next and more time working toward success. When you own an FBC Roofing franchise, you’ll enjoy the luxury of owning your own business alongside a team of experts that has your back.

Training to Build Your Skills

If you think that an FBC Roofing franchise isn’t a fit because you have no experience in home improvement, think again! We will help you work towards success in all areas of business ownership. Franchisees who take advantage of our opportunities are brought over to Oahu, Hawaii, for our training where they learn how to open a roofing business. Here you will be walked through some of the basics, which include administration, sales, and marketing training. Once you have all of that down, we will send you on your way to your FBC Roofing location. We will want to follow up with you to make sure you have it all down. That is why our next step is visiting your location to go over any areas of improvement. Our secondary training is meant to keep you on the right track and is just one of the ways we show our support to help you learn how to open a roofing business. 

We Keep You Updated

At FBC Roofing, we like to keep in touch with our franchisees — any extension of our brand is as good as family to us. We want to support you in simplifying all aspects of your business ownership tasks, and we do so through our ongoing support. FBC Roofing franchisees can expect monthly check-ins with a member of our team to see how they are doing and check on their overall progress or pain-points. Our support also includes assistance with marketing your location and operation of your business. We have grown the FBC Roofing brand to what it is today, therefore, we understand how to find success and overcome obstacles. Our team is constantly developing new marketing strategies and ways to target your best customer, and we will update you on any changes made to our strategy. Our marketing team implements the latest technology to showcase your name and products, making the overall process of owning a business far less complicated. So, if you have thought about learning how to open a roofing business, you can count on FBC Roofing to guide you along the way.

Would you like to know more about how to open a roofing business or the requirements to invest? Contact a member of our franchise development team, and we will get you the answers you need! 

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