No Experience Starting a Roofing Business? No Problem!


FBC Roofing is always on the lookout for qualified entrepreneurial-minded individuals who want to take a step away from their current day-to-day routine and take advantage of our roofing business opportunities.  Many franchisees tell us the best part of joining the FBC Roofing family is that interested investors need no previous roofing experience in order to qualify. Once you’ve made the decision that a quality roofing franchise is for you, investing and training for a great new career is an incredibly turnkey process. Let’s shed some light on how FBC helps investors interested in starting a roofing business get off to a great start.

Valuable Industry Knowledge

FBC Roofing offers unwavering support for franchisees and their clients. For franchisees, we share franchising expertise gathered over years of helping other business owners like themselves to grow and thrive. Our FBC Roofing industry experts are constantly evaluating changes in services and searching for ways to improve our products and technology. FBC franchisees can benefit directly from our findings and adapt their businesses accordingly. In addition to providing the best products available, we also want to make sure our owners are allocating their time properly between management and operations. Letting us take responsibility for evaluating new services makes starting a roofing business easier than ever.

For FBC Roofing customers, we promise white-glove service using sustainable materials and green technology to provide the most effective roof repairs or replacement at a reasonable cost. Our reputation means everything to us, and we pride ourselves on our integrity and the respect for others built into everything we do.

Prior Experience is a Plus, but not Necessary

FBC Roofing franchises are an excellent way for general contractors and other construction workers to bolster their existing offerings. Our business model is a perfect for fit for construction professionals who want to expand their business into a desirable home improvement niche that can separate them from the local competition. That said, we do encourage investors from any background to submit an inquiry. Whether roofing is already your field, or you’re completely new to the trades, we can customize our training and support fit any need. Owners can offer a service that has an existing demand with a brand that has a reputation to never leave a nail behind. 

What Are the Next Steps?

No matter the reason for your investment, your next steps should be to explore what it takes to start a roofing business using our established model. First, we encourage all franchisees to look at our investment structure and financial requirements to ensure this investment fits your current situation.  When you’ve completed your due diligence we encourage you to reach out to us so we can answer any questions you might have. We can go over the major documentation that contains all the information franchisees need about training and support, start-up timelines, and investment structures.


If you would like to learn more about the investment or more about the process of starting a roofing business opportunity, feel free to contact us today!

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  1. I am looking to purchase an established roofing company that is for sale. I am an Aerospace Engineer and have no knowledge of the roofing business.

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