Franchise 101: Understanding the Franchise Disclosure Document

If you are unfamiliar with the franchising process, FBC Roofing is here to help you out! Franchising has come to the forefront as the smarter way to start up — our
roofing contract business owners enjoy the dual luxury of a proven business model, along with consistent levels of franchisor support. Part of that support includes providing franchisees with all the resources necessary to make confident business decisions, one of those being the franchise disclosure document (FDD). Let’s take a look at first why the FDD is so important and what areas of this document you should dive into first when reviewing our opportunity.

What is a franchise disclosure document?

The franchise world is filled with jargon that is specific to the industry, and when you start your journey, you are sure to hear the term “FDD” thrown around quite a bit. The FDD is essentially your most exclusive look into a franchise opportunity from several different angles. In this document, you will learn more about the team you are joining and the overall experience that you should expect. From finances to support, this document covers it all in separate sections labeled as “Items.” Here, we have listed just a few of the areas to look into when reviewing the FDD: 

Your Franchisors Background: Items 1-2

The FDD starts out with a full description of the company’s history and an introduction to the corporate team. This section is just a quick overview of the company, but when you join our team for your Discovery Day, you’ll get a better understanding of what values our roofing contractor business stands for. 

The Complete Investment: Items 5-7

The FBC Roofing franchise site does break down the initial franchise investment, however, the FDD includes far more information you can’t find on our website. Items 5 and 7 are dedicated to the initial fees and Item 6 covers all of the ongoing payments that you should expect. Each owner’s situation is undoubtedly unique — a member of our franchise development team can work out exactly what you can anticipate based on our typical range. 

Franchisor Support: Item 11

The franchise ownership experience is a big commitment, but the best part about the process is taking on your journey as a team. Item 11 is dedicated to all of the support that you can expect from FBC Roofing as we build the roofing contractor business of your dreams. This includes pre-opening support, marketing assistance, an introduction to our software, and additional training programs. We take incredible strides to put our owners in the best position possible to succeed. In this section of the FDD, you will learn about the measures we take to help you grow as a new franchise owner. 

Sales and Demand: Item 19

FBC Roofing wants to give you all the information you need to invest with confidence, which is why we include the Financial Performance Representation in our FDD. By evaluating our historical financial performance, you’ll have a better understanding of the demand and profitability of our roofing contractor business. 

Would you like to know more about the franchising process? Are you interested in speaking to a member of the FBC Roofing family? Give us a call, we can get you all the answers you need about our roofing contractor business!

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