Why Start a Roofing Franchise?

If you have been looking to break into a business ownership role but aren’t sure what exactly you should be looking for or maybe don’t believe you’re qualified, we can help you out! FBC Roofing has opened-up an incredible opportunity to start your own roofing franchise in Hawaii as an affiliate of our brand. An FBC Roofing franchise experience allows you the chance to escape the nasty corporate world by putting your entrepreneurial mind to the test in a lucrative industry. Let’s take a dive into three of the big reasons we believe this could be the best decision you make for your career. 

Booming Industry Results

Homeowners and landlords alike are always looking for new ways to spruce up their estate in any way possible. It’s no wonder that the home improvement business is poised to rise from $800 billion in 2018 to over $1,100 billion by 2025. That trajectory is exciting because it seems like no matter how the market of properties sales fluctuates, the demand for our line of service is only expected to rise in the upcoming years.

If you take a deeper dive and evaluate the performance of the roofing contracting industry, the numbers only continue to impress. For total revenue, the industry is projected to accumulate almost $50 billion in 2019 with a 5.2% increase in growth since 2014. We know this because, after all, we are experts in the industry — and our marketing team is constantly looking for updates on potential industry growth. This could be just the first of many ways we can work together to grow your awareness of the industry.

Am I Qualified to Start a Roofing Franchise in Hawaii?

Although the numbers look promising, your eyes might have just quickly glanced over them because of the thought that you aren’t qualified to benefit from this experience. Well, think again, because an FBC roofing franchise is the perfect business opportunity for both inexperienced and seasoned business owners alike! Gone are the days of scrolling through countless pages of job openings and exciting opportunities, only to be hit with an unrealistic list of requirements. We will help you jumpstart your business and educate you on all the basics, in order to best prep you for the road ahead. 

In-Depth Training and Ongoing Support

There is nothing more important than starting your business with confidence, it’s something our FBC Roofing franchise team certainly knows the importance of. Our team has spent years developing the best practices for doing business in the home improvement industry. In that time, we have also built comprehensive training and support programs to help our franchisees get their business headed in the right direction from the start. Our training includes the basics of running a business in the construction industry, administration, sales, marketing and much more. Speaking of marketing, our team will show further support by helping our business owners reach their best customers with innovative outreach plans and strategies.

And it doesn’t end there! There is much more to learn about the FBC Roofing franchise experience. Please feel free to contact us with any questions!

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