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FBC Roofing offers comprehensive roofing franchise training and support so that our franchisees can run their business with confidence. We’ve worked hard to develop a business model that we believe in – it’s led us to become the premier roofing company in Hawaii! We’re dedicated to helping our franchisees leverage our model so that they can experience similar growth. Here’s a sneak peek at a few of the key training and support resources we offer.

Initial Training

If you’re wondering how to start a roofing business, you might be concerned that your background hasn’t prepared you to make the most of the opportunity. FBC Roofing has designed our initial training specifically to meet the needs of franchisees like you. We show you the ropes, from the ground up, teaching you the basics of running a construction industry business. You’ll join us at our corporate headquarters in beautiful Oahu, Hawaii for up to two weeks of instruction. We’ll cover topics ranging from administration, to sales, to marketing – you’ll also spend time on real job sites! By the time you return to your own location, you will feel confident and ready to get started. 

Ongoing Training at Your Location

Once you’re open for business, our franchise start-up team will join you right on-site to help you apply the principles you learned during your initial training. They’ll work with you and your team to identify areas in need of improvement to help keep you on the right track. They’ll also work with your staff, helping them to implement best practices and stay sharp. 


We’ll continue to work with you after your initial training to help you stay on target. During your first year in business, we’ll plan on monthly phone calls to check in on your progress and goals. We’ll also support you by simplifying operations whenever we can: customer service techniques, sales tactics, administrative procedures, and suggested pricing guidelines being just a few examples. 

One of our most significant roofing franchise training and support resources is our marketing assistance. We’re committed to continuing to help franchisees in their marketing efforts once their business is up and running. Independent owners often spend valuable time and resources trying to develop marketing materials that will effectively reach their target customers. FBC Roofing spearheads the initiative of developing new materials, allowing our franchisees to focus on the bigger picture of running their business. We even provide franchisees with marketing plans and strategies, helping them to deploy campaigns as effectively as possible. Mailers, PPC campaigns, SEO strategies, and local networking are just a few of the strategies we utilize to help drive business.
Finally, while we know all about how to start a roofing business in Hawaii, we also understand that research and development are crucial to maintaining any roofing business. We conduct research and development on a wide scale so that we can be sure our franchisees are offering in-demand products and services. One of the reasons FBC Roofing has enjoyed steady growth historically is because we’ve been committed to implementing the latest sales technology to showcase the best products when it comes to all things roofing. As we continue to grow, we’re always keeping our ear to the ground so that we can incorporate the most valuable products and services into our offerings. While many independent business owners find themselves too tied up in operations to spend time on research, our franchisees can rely on our team to help them stay up-to-date.

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